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Each of our tiers were created to hone in on your professional needs. Based on your level of urgency, number of matches needed ,and level of support required, we offer 3 tiers that can help your business idea take flight.



24 Hour or Less Matching
15min Introduction Consultation
1 Legal Provider Match
Email Support

Recommended if you have a quick question and you are unsure about what you need.



3 Hour or Less Matching
30min Introduction Consultation
3 Legal Providers To Choose
Phone Support

Recommended if you have a specific task, e.g. you want to incorporate, need contracts or policies drafted.

Take Off


Priority 1 Hour Matching
Introduction Consultation Tailored To Your Specific Needs
5 Legal Providers To Choose From
Zoom Support: Speak With A Consultant Before Your Introduction To Assess Your Specific Needs

Recommended if you have major project like registering your IP or preparing for a financing round.

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